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One Day Blood Bowl Tournament – 26th October 2019

Why Shambowl?

A Kiwi in Yorkshire wanted to start a Blood Bowl league in the local club, York Garrison. My previous league was in Sydney (SLOBBS) so I had to create YOBBS. Recognising the amazing landmark in York I used the iconic Shambles, which also is my style of play.

The Yorkshire Online Blood Bowl Shambles was born!

The next phase came two years later from the YOBBS members themselves wanting to play in the UKTC Tournament 2018. The team, Local YOBBS, led by Rydog, took on the challenge with both hands and erm … succeeded in setting a benchmark to beat next year. This led to hosting our own Tournament, Shambowl, and using UKTC rules for our own practice and for fellow Blood Bowl players.

A big thank you to Brendon Spencelayh for allowing us to use his UKTC rules.

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Event Details

Shambowl is a 24 coach NAF sanctioned one day event Saturday 26th October 2019
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Tickets on sale now for £20 and includes a gift.
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Shambowl Rules

Shambowl Rules

Rules are based on the UKTC 2020 tournament rules, but no team entries just individuals.
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