EH GamingWe are grateful to our major sponsor, EH Gaming, for their support with prizes for Shambowl.

EH Gaming, based in York, is an online tabletop, board and card gaming review service that also operates a small curated online store for games and accessories.

The owner, Ross, is a keen Blood Bowl player and will be playing in Shambowl, but the good news is that he is usually a bit of a pushover, despite being a player and fan of Blood Bowl since 1989!

The main prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize for overall winner in points
  • 2nd Prize for runner up
  • Most TDs
  • Most CAS
  • Best painted
  • Stunty Cup
  • A Complete Shambles – Up to Tournament Organiser and is based on a number factors and dice failures.
    The score sheet for each match will ask for your count of:

    • Double Skull throws.
    • Rolling and one and using a reroll to only throw another one.
    • Causing and injuring (CAS) to your own players
    • A free text box to write any other single spectacular dice failure during your match.

Spot Prizes will be available during the rounds and are as follows:

Round 1

  • First TD
  • First CAS
  • First to crowd surf a player

Round 2

  • First TD
  • First CAS
  • First to cause a death to an opponent (before regen or APO) by any means

Round 3

  • First TD
  • First CAS
  • First double skull to cause a turnover

Details of the individual prizes will be published on this page soon…