Shambowl is a “Resurrection” tournament, i.e. all players and skills return to their starting status after each game regardless of injuries or any other post match changes.

The first matchups between players will be drawn randomly.

Subsequent games will be allocated using the Swiss system and ties will be randomly chosen.


Win: 2 Points
Tie: 1 Point
Loss: 0 Points

Tie Breakers Points
Net TD’s + Net CAS (SPP Casualties)
Penalty shootout (pg. 15 of CRP)

Rosters and Skills

The 26 races are split into a system of tiers. Each is allocated a minimum of 1,100,000 gold coins to spend on Roster Building only i.e. players, rerolls, Fan Factor, staff, permitted inducements etc.
Each tier has a different amount of gold coins to buy Additional Skills, priced at:

  • 20,000 (“normal” access skill)
  • 30,000 (“double” access skill)
  • Limited to one skill per player and no restriction on how many times it is used.
  • Maximum of one double skill per team roster, but tier seven teams may take as many doubles as they can afford.
  • No player can be allocated more than one Additional Skill

Any unspent gold coins from the available Additional Skill allowance may be added to the Roster Building cash pool to increase it beyond 1,100,000

Permitted inducements are:

  • 0-2 Star Players
  • 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs
  • 0-3 Bribes
  • 0-1 Master Chef

Allocation by tier for Roster Building and Additional Skills is detailed below:

Shambowl rules team tiers

Please also note:

  • Wizards, (in)famous coaching staff, mercenaries and Special Play Cards are all explicitly not allowed at the Shambowl event.
  • You must have 11 regular rostered players before including Star Player(s)
  • Any gold which has not been spent on either Roster Building or Additional Skills is lost. All purchases are made before the tournament and remain the same throughout all three games
  • Piling On uses the CRP variant i.e. it does not cost a reroll to use the skill
  • If two teams with the same Star Player(s) are drawn against one another in the tournament then both teams may use the Star(s)
  • The Illegal Procedure will not be enforced.

There is a time limit for games, so coaches are encouraged to play 4 minute turns to ensure games are completed. Any games that reach the time limit will have to be halted and the result at this point will be the final result of that game.

Game Etiquette

  • To know which player in your team has completed an action, recommendation is to rotate your players to face 90 or 180 degrees once they have complete their action. It will speed play, avoid disputes.
  • Declare to the opponent the action of PASS, HAND OFF and BLITZ before moving the player.
  • Mark the moving player’s starting location with a dice or token if your move is complicated or long.
  • Dice which are cocked, stacked or escaped (e.g. to the floor) rerolled if requested
  • Disputes during the game have to be decided by a D6. 1 to 3 = No and 4 to 6 = Yes

For costs, skills, stats, Star Players etc. for each of the 26 races please see official rules (BB 2016, DZ1, DZ2, Spike Magazines) and the NAF website –

Shambowl Theme

Blood Bowl in earlier times was played in the streets and alleyways of the Shambles. Space was tight and rowdy spectators crowded around the pitch.

Rule Modifications

  1. Go For IT
    Armour roll dice are +1 when a player fails GFI rolls on the cobbled pitch.
  2. Kick Off Event – 11. Throw a Rock
    Shambowl crowds are full of yobs – no FAME modifiers count, each Coach rolls a D6.
  3. Crowd Surfing
    When a player is pushed off the pitch into the crowd there is a chance the local yobs will throw the player back:
    • Roll for Injury as normal
    • If the result is 2, the player is thrown back on to the pitch and is stunned.
      Throw D3 +1, use the Thrown-in template to find where the crowd surfed player lands.If the crowd surfed player lands on another player use the Throw Team-mate rules:
      “…treat the player landed on as Knocked Down and roll for Armour (even if already Prone or Stunned), and then the player being thrown will scatter one more square. If the thrown player lands on another player, continue to scatter the thrown player until he ends up in an empty square or off the pitch (i.e. he cannot land on more than one player)!”
      Roll for armour & injury as normal when the crowd surfed player lands on a vacant square.
      Note: If the crowd surfed player is scattered or thrown off the pitch, he stays off and is beaten up as normal.

What could go wrong

Shambowl is also about embracing failure, accepting those 1s you get on the GFI touch downs, Elves dodging their faces into the pitch and eating your own teammates.

Recognising and rewarding failure is explained further in the prize section.